Parker McConachie

These classes shaped my worldview.
Accounting 801: Managerial Accounting.
Anthropology 210: The American Hero.
Business Law 810: Law and Ethics for Business.
Communications Studies 324: Introduction to Marketing Communications.
Communications Studies 330: Personal Communications and Organization.
Decision Sciences 804: Operations Management.
Economics 804: Managerial Economics.
English 101: Introductory Composition and Rhetoric.
English 102: Composition.
English 210: Introduction to Poetry.
English 252Q: Modern American Writers.
English 275Q: Studies in Popular Literature.
English 301: Fiction Writing.
English 310: Nature of Poetry.
English 315: Introduction to English Linguistics.
English 316: Major American Writers.
English 322: Origins of Western Literature.
English 330: Nature of Fiction.
English 334: Major Author, Joseph Conrad.
English 340Q: Shakespeare, the Major Plays.
English 360: Major British Writers 1.
English 361: Major British Writers 2.
English 508: Contemporary Literary Theory.
English 512: Studies in Fiction.
English 513: Studies in Poetry, Dadaism and Surrealism. 
English 514: Studies in Drama, The Restoration Drama.
English 515: Studies in Drama, Modernism.
English 516: Major Author, Mark Twain.
English 570: Topics in American Literature.
English 581: Composition Practicum. 
English 681: Editing American English.
English 700: Introduction to Graduate Studies in English.
English 704: Seminar in American Literature.
English 721: Seminar in Epic Poetry.
English 730: Seminar in Romantic and Victorian Literature.
English 780: Advanced Theory and Composition.
English 816A: Shakespeare.
English 890: Master's Thesis.
Finance 850: Managerial Finance.
History 108: Medieval History.
History 334: World War I.
History 340: World War II.
History 575: The Italian Renaissance.
History 615: The Third Reich.
Journalism 341: Promotional Writing.
Journalism 342: Marketing and Mass Media.
MBA 800: Fundamentals of Finance and Financial Analysis.
MBA 801: Management and Marketing.
Management 803: Business Decision-making Analysis.
Management 862: Organizational Behavior.
Management 885: Advanced Strategic Management.
Marketing 801: Marketing Management.
Marketing 805: Consumer Decision-making Process. 
Management Information Systems 874: Management Information Systems.
Philosophy 100: Meaning of Philosophy.
Philosophy 557: Contemporary European Philosophy, Hans-Georg Gamader.