Opening post.

Hi there.

One of my resolutions, not that I believe much in resolutions, is to write more and write publicly. Now, I don’t think many people will visit my website or blog, but it’s a useful way to practice self-discipline and stay accountable. Please don’t consider this as fully representative of my professional writing; it is not. Rather, I prefer to think of this as a lexical version of a sketchbook. Not everything here will be spell and grammar checked. I hope to shoot from the hip. On occasion I will post some of my more professional and long-form content. When I do, I will note it so you know you’re reading material I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching, developing, and writing.

But I know this: the more you write, the better you get at it. And while I write privately all the time, I need to do more and and I need to do better. So judge what and how you will; but I ask, if you’re here for in any processional capacity, that you look for work that I mark as deliberately crafted instead of free flowing.



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