Tired. And thank you.

Let it be said that this has been a busy week. It’s been so demanding I’ve hardly had time to write, which effectually defeats the purpose of the blog. I’ve been at work preparing a nursery for our soon-to-arrive daughter. I took my dad to Kansas City for a check-up at KU Medical Center related to some nerve degeneration issues (all is well). Yesterday, of course, was Valentine’s Day. And today I spent working with a close friend on a serious topic that requires tightly-woven strategic thinking and clear, precise writing. Tomorrow I have our first birthing class. I’m sure you’re busy too. It’s been a while since I’ve been wholly brain zapped, but today—just about an hour ago—everything caught up to me. The aforementioned items weren’t my only challenges for the week, but they’re the ones I felt comfortable sharing publicly. I hope next week to return to more regular writing.  

I would like to thank everyone who’s been following along and reading. I’m shocked by how many people I’ve reached, and I’m thankful so many of you have spent so much time reading my entries. I’m grateful. And I’m thankful to those who dropped me a kind note here and there. 


I have some fun, interesting posts in the works ranging from Customer Lifetime Value calculations to Viacom’s unscripted series gambit to learnings from research skills in an MA class to the one thing every MBA textbook addressed. They’re all in process. Stay tuned. 

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