Guest Post By My Wife: The Night The Lights Went Out.

(From Parker: My wife, Jennifer, is a prolific writer and blogger. She has worked in advertising and public relations for the past 15 years where she’s honed these skills to market her clients and their products. She is an excellent writer and editor. I’ve stolen a post from her blog, which you can read in its entirety here, about a rather eventful Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. It’s hilarious. Of note when you visit her blog [a Tumblr]: What you will find is a collation of passions which include travel, adventure, color, en trend foodstuffs, international culture, literature, and a whole lot more. She’s designed what I think is a really smart strategy for the blog’s focus and development—it’s both fun and educational. And with that, here’s the story of “The Night the Light’s Went Out”.)


With some arthritic hip weakening, and after Fritz’s first ACL/TPLO surgery, it happened that he was compensating with his good leg so much, that he ended up blowing his other ACL too, and just underwent a second TPLO surgery, so he can walk again. All of this happened rather quickly. As we have a baby coming in 10 weeks and recovery takes 12, we had as they say, not a moment to loose. We accepted our lot and set ourselves and the house back up to adapt. Wednesday night was Fritz’s first night home. We were up the whole night and our electricity also went out due to the high-wind gusts here in Kansas and the bomb cyclone. From the hours of 9 p.m.-7 a.m. so many things happened, and had to be dealt with, problem-solved and managed, that I needed to list them out as a funny (maybe in retrospect) and coping (definitely) mechanism:

9:00: Fritz is coned and put to bed on his third, most-special, kitchen bed after evening meds that do not want to be consumed and an on-leash bathroom break in the roaring winds and light rain.

9:15: Jennifer goes to bed. Wakes up to tell Parker some grand idea about the nursery furniture. We are on the move-some-piece-of-furniture-around-every-three-days-schedule and it was time.

9:30: Jennifer battles pregnancy heartburn and the third trimester pregnancy support pillow into a restful, if not comfortable sleep.

9:30-11:30: Jennifer gets up several times to adjust, go to the bathroom and monitor Fritz.

11:30: Jennifer is awakened to the sound of no sound. The electricity has gone off and we must now sleep without the fan. The struggle gets real. Jennifer plays with a white noise app. Jennifer gets the back up phone charger. Parker looks up wind speeds and tweets. We traipse back and forth throughout the kitchen with mini flashlights and headlamps where a dog lounges half way on his dog bed.

11:30-7:00: The electric company texts power outage updates every time Jennifer drifts off to sleep. Including one that says the power is back on when it is not. Parker writes down the number on the dog’s medication schedule and calls.

Midnight: Parker comes to bed. Everyone wakes up. Westar texts.

1:30: Jennifer is awakened by Fritz deep moaning. We realize he needs more pain medicine. Lights cannot be turned on, so camping lanterns are brought up from the basement, the cone is removed, and pain meds are shoved down throats as meats and peanut butter are rejected. Fritz drinks gulps of water and we decide he needs to go out into the bomb cyclone. He suddenly regains his ability to walk and basically runs (against all rules) outside. Jennifer narrowly misses stepping in dog poop (that she spent the weekend cleaning up to avoid just this.) More poop is picked up. Hands are washed. Sleep and back to bed is attempted.

3:00: Fritz moans from the kitchen. He is unable to move himself from a sitting position. Jennifer asks if he wants to go out and his eyes light up. Fritz goes out again with Parker’s help.

4:45: Fritz whimpers from the kitchen. Jennifer attempts to ignore it until her alarm goes off at 4:50. This is not successful. Jennifer tends to Fritz and begins getting ready to go to the gym. Parker takes Fritz out. Jennifer calls the gym to make sure they are open and have electricity (last week there was some drama). Parker breaks Jennifer’s car out of the electric garage and sets up a lantern so that Jennifer can get out of the house. His jeans are on inside out and he is wearing his muck boots on the wrong feet. At least he has pants on. Jennifer leaves for the gym for a way-too-challenging series of workouts (elliptical/run/elliptical + class with weights/step/agility/core components.) She texts Parker and her parents while there. And Westar. A plan is made to get breakfast on the way home and dry hair at parent’s on the way to work. Fritz goes back to bed on a different bed in the bedroom.

7:00: Jennifer leaves the gym, gets everyone a coffee on the way home, gets Parker up, who gets a must-go-outside, roaming-the-house-with-his-cone-on Fritz up from his living room bed area. Random lights and fans are on throughout the house. Doors are open. Mud is in the kitchen. Invalid water bowls are everywhere. The electricity is now on. The house is in disarray. Jennifer gives Fritz all his meds with peanut butter, gets ready for work and Parker keeps Fritz company in a North Face jacket on the kitchen floor, which is back to being covered in helpful dog-paw friendly carpets. No one knows where to go or what to do.

The day begins.

To be continued: For the rest of our lives plus a baby in the mix!

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