Adult Legos.

No easy day here.

I’ve been busy, so I haven’t written (again). That’s not altogether true. I’ve been working on a few different posts, but they’re not ready for publication—they’re longer-form essays. One in particular has eluded me on account of its complexity. I’m trying to simplify it. Yesterday, though, most of our baby furniture arrived. I’ve been putting it together and that’s no small task. It’s not so much that it’s difficult as it is tedious. But the whole process has reminded me of Legos. Only baby furniture is Legos for adults. The below picture shows leftover boxes in our living room. I still have a few more pieces to assemble. Then I need to pair and program the Nanit monitor. Most of my friends had their first kids seven or eight years ago. I’m getting a few heckles here and there. It’s all sword of Damocles-type stuff. Anyway, once I get this mess fully assembled I’ll put the final touches on other posts and get some new content online.